Medical Tourism

The opening of the medical tourism department outside United Arab Emirates and designation specialized ( A ) head of the department.

The department receiving the medical reports with existing customers and sent to specialized hospitals, and therefore the customer is directed to the right place for treatment with determining treatment prices advance

Here are contracted hospitals



Hospital Name :

Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Specialization -

Colon - disease cosmetic surgery - bones and joints - teeth - diabetes and kidney disease - Oxygen - Ear and Throat - Emergency Department - the eyes - the digestive system and the liver - the treatment of heart disease - mental health treatment - tumours - dialysis - bones and prosthetics calendar by bones Scandinavian laboratory - Radiology Center - rehabilitation - Doctors Leather - women's Health Center - Surgery


Hospital Name :

Expedient Healthcare


 The treatment of obesity / weight loss surgery - breast cancer surgery cosmetic surgery - infertility treatment - kidney transplants - knee replacement surgery - a liver transplant - heart surgery for children-treat prostate cancer surgery - spine surgery


Turkey - Istanbul

Hospital Name :

Estepera Hair Transplantation


Hair Transplant


Check Republic

Hospital Name :

Three of Life


Physical Therapy – massages - colon cleanse - soft needles - Oxygen therapy- WEIGHT LOSS - back pain and arthritis - Transponder conventional treatment - a woman beautiful bouquet - Transponder relax and pamper yourself- bouquet Say Goodbye to Cellulite

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