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We are Ras Al Khaimah based tour operators with local knowledge and international expertise. The current management under the guidance of the engineer Mr. Abdullla Al Muhairi has spent a decade in the city working with local officials, destination management companies, corporate and hotels to strengthen ties and build a wealth of experience and increase the quality of the travel experience.


Our aim is to exceed expectations and provide guests with a unique experience. Through a combination of high technology and professional human touches, we could provide an extraordinary travel experience each and every time for a large number of clients represented by walk-in passengers and government offices as well as a group of sub-agents & corporates.


With endless products & services, we are offering both inbound & outbound, through a big chain of direct contracts with hotels & suppliers around the world in the Far East, Australia, Africa, GCC, Europe, and North & South America.


We are the only travel & tourism agency member in Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development (member no. 10218). Khalifa Fund was launched on 3 June for Enterprise Development is an independent body of the Abu Dhabi Government. It

Is a part of the long-term vision of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the UAE and ruler of Abu Dhabi. The Fund was established by the directive of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council.

We offered a variety of travel packages for companies, individuals and groups including:

  • Corporate, business & Group travels
  • Pacific & Atlantic Ocean Cruises
  • Caribbean & Mediterranean Sea cruises
  • All-Inclusive hotels Stay with the best rate guaranteed worldwide
  • Hunting, shooting and Safari Packages in Africa & Asia & Far east
  • Destination Weddings & honeymoons
  • European vacation to Italy, France, and Germany
  • Latin American Vacations to Mexico, Cuba, and Argentina


Our Agents have been recognized as among the most talented in the travel industry and excellent in creating one of a kind vacations and destination events that offer truly breathtaking experiences at an affordable cost.


These items are not built into your customer trip package by default but can be selected at the end of this travel proposal if you wish to include them in your custom travel package.



  • Travel insurance is the most common add-on item for golden eagle’s clients. It covers cancellations, lost luggage, medical emergencies, and other unforeseen emergencies during your trip. Travel insurance protects you from financial liability if an emergency arises, and allows you to recoup your travel investment if your trip must be canceled or cut short for any reason.

Optional Tours

  • During your trip, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in several optional tours. These tours go beyond the standard tourist experience and are designed to give you a memorable glimpse into the local culture, history, and entertainment.

Visa Acceptance

  • Attaining the appropriate travel visas can be confusing and stressful for first-time travelers. Take advantage of our optional visa assistance services, golden eagle’s visa expert guide you and your group through the visa process step by step. This will ensure that you’ve got everything you need to have a successful international trip.

Travel Package Pricing

  • The pricing table below includes the travel package and optional items outlined in this proposal. You can edit the number of people in your group and select optional add-ons to customize your travel package to fit your needs and budget.



Our Partners

At golden eagle, we’ve had the pleasure to work with many businesses, groups, and individuals over the years.

Our dedication to creating outstanding travel experiences has allowed us to build quite the fan base and much of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals from those who have had successful trips with us in the past.



  • صندوق خليفة لتطوير المشاريع
  • مكتب شؤون الشرطة النسائية في أبوظبي
  • الهيئة الاتحادية للموارد البشرية
  • هيئة الموارد البشرية بدبي
  • دائرة الموارد البشرية برأس الخيمة
  • تسهيل ( مشروعات ارادة) أبوظبي
  • تسهيل ( انجاز ) راس الخيمة – الرمس
  • هيئة اذاعة رأس الخيمة
  • جمعية المتقاعدين العسكريين أبوظبي
  • الجامعة الامريكة برأس الخيمة
  • ديوان حاكم رأس الخيمة
  • جمعية الاتحاد التعاونية دبي
  • وزارة المالية
  • دائرة المالية بدبي
  • بلدية رأس الخيمة
  • وزارة تنمية المجتمع
  • غرفة رأس الخيمة
  • جمعية الصحفيين الاماراتية بأبوظبي
  • شركة المرحوم راشد بروسلي العقارية




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Shaikh Salem Bin Mohamed Road,

Dahan, Ras Al Khaimah,

United Arab Emirate

Phone: +971 7 236 5733

Mobile: +971 50 577 1732

Email: sales4@goldeneagle.ae

Working Hours :

Sat - Thur from 9am - 9 pm

Daily break time : from 1 pm to 5 pm

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